Sheep Craft

Wow. What a catchy title I came up with, huh? 

Anyhoo, here is what you’ll need for this fun little sheep.

  • Paper plate
  • Cotton
  • Glue
  • Pre-cut pieces for the face, legs, etc-depending on the age of the child.  Since Hailey is too young for scissors I have the pieces cut out for her.  For children around age 3 I would have them cut their own pieces out.


Now let the fun begin!

Hailey had never touched cotton before (unless you count when I used to use cotton balls to clean her bottom during diaper changes) so she was pretty interested in how it felt.

Gluing the cotton balls on proved to be pretty interesting.  Hailey loves playing with the glue and got it on her hands.  So, the cotton started sticking to her fingers and she did not like that.

We managed to finish making her sheep though:

Of course while she was making this, I asked her questions about what the cotton felt like, what color it was, and about the color and shapes of the pieces to go with the sheep.

It will probably be a little while before we use cotton and glue at the same time even though it did turn out cute.

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4 comments on “Sheep Craft

  1. Ashley on said:

    very cute~!!!!!!!!!

  2. Beka on said:

    Anika wants to do crafts with Melanie & Hailey! She’ll be over for her afternoon craft!! Hehe!

  3. Kari on said:

    So cute! – and the sheep too of course! Must try this at home with my 2 year old! 🙂 K

  4. DinoEgg on said:

    Cool! Using such inexpensive stuffs to create unforgetable moments shared by you and your girl~ Now my hands are itching….

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