Randy the Raindrop

Adventures of Randy the Raindrop

Randy the raindrop lived in a cloud
the heat from the sun made him big, strong, and proud!
He got bigger and bigger until one day – Oh My!
He fell through the floor of his house in the sky!
Randy was scared, then he noticed more raindrops falling,
“Hey Randy, isn’t this fun?” they were calling
Then onto a leaf with a splash Randy fell,
and what happened next is a strange thing to tell.

Randy was made up of water, you know,
a part of him went to help the tree grow.
The rest of him went into a puddle so round,
then the sun came out and shone on the ground.

The sun warmed Randy and he started to change,
He became water vapour – My isn’t that strange?
Little drops of water, too tiny to see
Floated into the sky- yes that was Randy!

Randy’s home once again was a cloud in the sky,
He was a raindrop once more, but then by and by…
The sun made him bigger and bigger and then….
He fell through the floor of his house once again!

(This is from one of my Mailbox magazines)

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