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I have been using Entrecard for two of my blogs for a few weeks and have been loving it.  So, I decided to add this blog as well.  I’m already getting more traffic and new visitors to my site!  One thing I love is that I can visit blogs that are related to cooking and crafts, so I can meet other bloggers who have interests similar to mine. 

Entrecard recently did some updates and there is an amazing new feature that I love.  Since I use Entrecard for three of my blogs now the new “add a blog” feature they added is perfect for me.  Rather than having to sign in and out and back in with my other blogs, now I can just switch by simply hitting “switch.”  So much easier!

If you are looking to meet some new bloggy friends and want more traffic to your site be sure to check out the new Entrecard E-Book, it is packed full of information and tells you how to do everything.  Hurry and sign up, you’re going to love it!

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