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The Story of Creation


Our theme for our Bible story this month is the story of creation.  We have read the story and Hailey is working on this memory verse: God created all things.  John 1:3.

We are also creating a picture for each day in the 7 days of creation.  Here are the two days we did this week:

For Day 1- I gave Hailey half of a sheet of white construction paper and half of a sheet of black construction paper.  She glued those onto a piece of card-stock to represent day and night.

The finished picture- God created day and night.  (I also added a little piece of paper later that said Day 1.)

And here is day 2:

Here’s what you’ll need: card-stock, blue tissue paper, cotton balls, glue, paper that says “Day 2,” and paper that says “God created sky and water.”

Glue the tissue paper on to the bottom to represent water and cotton balls on the top to represent clouds.

The finished picture- God created sky and water.

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