With a Moo Moo Here…

Today we made a cute cow to add to our farm theme for the week.

I found this cow head template and had Hailey color it.

Then she painted 4 clothespins brown.

I cut the bottom off of an orange juice carton and we wrapped it in white paper.

Hailey taped the head on.

Then she added some spots.

She added a pipe cleaner for a tail.

Once the clothespins were dry she added them to the box.

The finished cow.

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5 comments on “With a Moo Moo Here…

  1. Itsy Bitsy Learners on said:

    This is a wonderful craft idea with SO MANY possibilities!

  2. Jamie @ See Jamie blog on said:

    I love her little cow! :)

  3. ChiMomWriter on said:

    This is great! I am not crafty at all, so I need ideas!! Love this. Going to include it in our links of what we’re reading this week. Cute idea.

  4. Tara @ Feels Like Home on said:

    I adore this. We haven’t done anything with farms yet, but I’m sure we will. I love that this little craft could be so many different animals. I’m going to have to find some little cartons somewhere.

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